The Educators

Meet Amy of Dewdrops Photography!

I am a wife, mother of three, photographer and educator. Photographing newborns, babies, maternity and families for almost 7 years has been my passion!

My love for my own children is what ignited my desire to photograph babies and children with the focus on each child's personality. I use simple props and textures to enhance my images, not to distract from your child or baby's beauty.

I have also found a passion for teaching newborn photographers from all around the world. I instruct my students on how to safely photograph these precious gifts while maintaining a strong relationship with their local clientele. Photography is so much more than just clicking the shutter. From styling to editing, I guide my students and help put them on the path to success. 

It is my desire to teach others how to handle and photograph babies with safety and creativity in mind. My students have gone on to be some of the most well-respected and sought after photographers in their areas.

Above all, my goal is to inspire, support, and to continue to grow. I am blessed to be a part of my clients' lives and my students' journeys.



Meet Krystal of Krystal Sandefur Photography!

I'm a maternity, newborn and family photographer based in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

I started using a camera as a hobby, that eventually led to a passion and ultimately my career. It was not the career I had logged many school hours to achieve. I graduated with a bachelor's in mathematics in 2009 and began my high school teaching and coaching career that same year.

My husband and I welcomed our first baby in 2010 and we just kept on making them ;) I ultimately left teaching after the birth of my second son two years later to be a full time mom.

I'm now mom to three boys, a girl and married way up the hottie train. My husband is my high school sweetheart and literally the other half of my heart. It's so corny but "he completes me."

Ok, enough of that sappy stuff!

I am both a natural and studio light photographer. I love studio light for my newborns and milestones, but you won't catch me with a flash outside. I dig the deeper rich tones in my outdoor and milestone sessions, but a creamy look to my newborns. I don't dig themed set ups. I'm all about simple and focusing on my subject which is why you won't see me wrapping a baby in a burrito outfit. I'm a crime tv show fanatic, if you can't find me you should probably look in the bath tub where I'm soaking in 100 degree water eating milk duds, HA!



Meet Susan of Susan Scott Photography!

Hello! I’m Susan Scott and I take pictures of newborns (mostly outdoors) in Temecula, California and the surrounding areas.

I am also a podiatrist and have three children that helped me discover my love of photographing teeny tiny babies.



Meet Courtney, Doug and Bobbi
of Twig and Olive Photography!

Officially Twig & Olive was born in 2015, linking together Courtney, Doug, and Bobbi, all who were successful family and wedding photographers in Madison, Wisconsin. Don’t let our youthful looks fool you; we all have over a decade of photography and design experience under our belts!

Drawing upon the fact that we are happier when we do things we excel at, we divided and conquered Twig & Olive, each taking on the part of the business that we love and slaying it. Our team-centered focus allows us to work like a well-oiled machine no matter if we’re teaching photographers how to business better or photographing clients in gorgeous locations.

We’re big on experience, whether that’s the experience of travel or the experience our clients have with us before, during, and after we photograph them.

Curating extraordinary experiences and creating art is what we do best, whether it’s here at home in Madison, Wisconsin, or somewhere around the globe.



Meet Leah Severson!

Leah Severson SEO expert

Leah Severson is a maternity and newborn photographer in Indianapolis, Indiana.  She started her business as a side hustle in 2001 and went full time in 2005.  In 2006, her husband left his full time job to help her run the studio.
Leah's marketing plan is built on a three-legged stool of free advertising; doctors' office displays, client referrals, and Google.  She is known as the "Queen of Doctors' Office Displays."  In fact, her photography is on display at more than 20 offices in the Indianapolis area.  She also has an automated, systematic client referral program that generates new clients each month.  And she teaches other photographers how to get and stay at the top of Google.
Leah will be teaching you how to build a marketing machine that doesn't depend on paid ads and constant social media posting.  You can follow her now in her brand new Facebook group here: 
Or check out her website here: