Your 2022 Educators

Meet Amy of Dewdrops Photography!


I am a wife, mother of three, photographer and educator. Photographing newborns, babies, maternity and families for almost 7 years has been my passion!

My love for my own children is what ignited my desire to photograph babies and children with the focus on each child's personality. I use simple props and textures to enhance my images, not to distract from your child or baby's beauty.

I have also found a passion for teaching newborn photographers from all around the world. I instruct my students on how to safely photograph these precious gifts while maintaining a strong relationship with their local clientele. Photography is so much more than just clicking the shutter. From styling to editing, I guide my students and help put them on the path to success. 

It is my desire to teach others how to handle and photograph babies with safety and creativity in mind. My students have gone on to be some of the most well-respected and sought after photographers in their areas.

Above all, my goal is to inspire, support, and to continue to grow. I am blessed to be a part of my clients' lives and my students' journeys.



Meet Krystal of Krystal Sandefur Photography!

I'm a maternity, newborn and family photographer based in the Fort Worth, Texas area.

I started using a camera as a hobby, that eventually led to a passion and ultimately my career. It was not the career I had logged many school hours to achieve. I graduated with a bachelor's in mathematics in 2009 and began my high school teaching and coaching career that same year.

My husband and I welcomed our first baby in 2010 and we just kept on making them ;) I ultimately left teaching after the birth of my second son two years later to be a full time mom.

I'm now mom to three boys, a girl and married way up the hottie train. My husband is my high school sweetheart and literally the other half of my heart. It's so corny but "he completes me."

Ok, enough of that sappy stuff!

I am both a natural and studio light photographer. I love studio light for my newborns and milestones, but you won't catch me with a flash outside. I dig the deeper rich tones in my outdoor and milestone sessions, but a creamy look to my newborns. I don't dig themed set ups. I'm all about simple and focusing on my subject which is why you won't see me wrapping a baby in a burrito outfit. I'm a crime tv show fanatic, if you can't find me you should probably look in the bath tub where I'm soaking in 100 degree water eating milk duds, HA!



Meet Susan of Susan Scott Photography!

Hello! I’m Susan Scott and I take pictures of newborns (mostly outdoors) in Temecula, California and the surrounding areas.

I am also a podiatrist and have three children that helped me discover my love of photographing teeny tiny babies.


Meet Lindsey Williams! 

Lindsey Williams Photography

 Through the years I have explored all different types of photography, including dragging my mom out at 3am to the middle of nowhere just to capture the Milky Way. In July of 2013, I photographed my first newborn session, and instantly fell in love. Since then I’ve worked with over 300 tiny humans, and have been able to travel around the country teaching other photographers the tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. I am a lover of natural and organic elements, golden light, and images that show the unposed love and bond between a family. My girlfriend and business partner, Madison, has joined me on this journey to create a complete experience for each and every client that walks through our doors.
I am a 25 year old mac and cheese connoisseur residing in Portland, OR with my girlfriend and our pug Pancake, and kitties Mr. Noodle and Meatball. Being apart of the LGBTQ+ community is something I share and advocate for proudly.


Meet Ashlee Boone!

I was introduced to the world of photography by my Dad, a man who was never without his camcorder or camera throughout my entire childhood. He documented all the small moments and every big event - I knew I could count on him to preserve all of our memories. Watching him, while growing up, sparked a passion in me that was like no other. I longed to do what he did. I wanted to be "great" at it. He gave me my first camera when I was about six years old and from then on, he made sure that I always had one... film, disposable, Polaroid, waterproof, and then digital. I more than enjoyed capturing all the small moments from my "little person's" perspective (oh, how I wish I still had those photos!), and that spark of a passion never disappeared as I grew into my teens and beyond. Married to an incredible man and a mother to five amazing little people, I am finally at a point in my life where I'm able to pour my heart into my photography again. Life with our children is really what reignited that spark within me and I have spent the last 10 years learning and nurturing this life-long hobby of mine. While rediscovering my unique perspective from behind the lens, that passion has become what a little girl with her first camera always dreamed it would be. Lifestyle, portraiture, elopements, and live music are my favorite settings to work in, but not the only sessions I offer. Getting to be a part of my client's life and illuminating a bit of their journey is everything to me. Capturing what I call the “in-between” - finding beauty in those subtle moments, discovering your raw emotions - portraying your soul in the form of stills, and preserving your most treasured memories in my own way of passionate storytelling is my ultimate dream and what I strive to do every single time I pick up my camera. I am based out of Yacolt, WA (right by Mount St Helens), but my husband, kids and I are all travel bugs so we make our way around the country quite a lot. 


Meet Anna Kruse!


Hi ya’ll! I am Anna Kruse. I am a photographer from the PNW who focuses on emotive, bold, storytelling images.  I love photographing families the most, being able to capture them as they are and directing them in a way that will allow them to unfold into telling their own unique story. A photo can hold a thousand words and my focus is for them to be able to look back and feel that memory all over again. I love bold colors, I love movement, I want images to portray 100% feeling and that is what my goal is for others to learn and fall in love with.


Meet Madison Elliott!

Madison Elliott Media

 As a milestone photographer and industry business coach, I focus on minimalist setups while maximizing relationships with clients and social audiences through genuine interactions and valuable content production. I am also lucky enough to teach and work alongside the person I love!
My background was heavily concentrated in Early Childhood Education and lightly in photography prior to meeting Lindsey. Working from a preschool teacher to a center program coordinator, I had spent just over seven years alongside the best kiddos while exploring the idea of becoming a full time photographer. Since joining forces with Lindsey, I have niched down my personal brand to specialize in minimal and modern studio milestone photography.
The technical aspects of studio photography are something that have always intrigued me, but the social media and analytical side of this industry is such a valuable support system for our businesses that photographers often aren’t taking full advantage of. In March 2020 I started a journey in commercial marketing, which quickly turned to small business marketing for photographers. Since then I have learned that platform design and search engine optimization isn’t as technical as it lets off, but the instructions have been presented in such an unapproachable format, it gets to be an information overload quickly.
Because of this I teach the “whys” of both my photography and business strategies. Fully understanding my prop choice or content title from a session can help students make better plans and decisions for their own sessions and social platforms.
I’m so excited to be teaching alongside some of the strongest educators in the country. The Sprout Retreat is truly a one of a kind experience, and I cannot wait to be a part of the 2022 adventure!

Meet Ashley Wright!

Hi there! I'm Ashley and I am a professional photographer located in Sherman, Tx. I am 30 years old and married to my best friend Joshua. We are "retired" foster parents and have seven beautiful children.

I started my business in 2013 and have never looked back, although my passion for photography started much earlier. My fabulous aunt Karen Frasier is a photographer as well and I fell in love with all things photography from the moment I first held a camera.

I have been published many times and have gone viral on social media for a certain little Rockford Peach ;). My passion for capturing children and families is never ending.

I am extensively trained in newborn safety and child safety in general (thank you foster care). After photographing hundreds and hundreds of newborns and families I am confident in my abilities to create a memorable and safe experience for all of my clients along with providing them choices from thousands of high end outfits and props in my stocked studio space.