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Sprout : (v) to begin to grow or develop rapidly; give off shoots or buds, as a plant from a seed.

Sprout with Us

Every Sprout retreat is thoughtfully curated to offer our attendees knowledge from the best educators in the industry while also giving them a respite from their day to day. Our retreats will be intimate experiences. Each one providing a safe space to learn not only by watching but by doing, to find your own unique voice in your art, to develop new workflows in your sessions and the business side of things. A place to learn and to relax with your peers every day, and on the last night we’ll throw a party with the best food, open bar and a LIVE concert!  

Bottom line, we want every attendee to walk away from our retreats with an overwhelming sense of rejuvenation, all the knowledge and tools they need to be confident and wholly successful in their own unique journeys.

What is Sprout?

Sprout was born out of a desire to bring something familiar but also new to the photography industry. We wanted to provide education, relaxation and real, unforgettable, beautiful experiences within small groups of our peers.  

Nature is nurture 🍁 
You will be completely surrounded by breathtaking nature scenes when you join us on this beautiful 25 acre farm. From the coziest beds + linens in the cutest little cabins, to the complimentary in-cabin beverages and food, to the immaculate shooting spaces… this place is a DREAM.

Additional Details

We welcome any photographer who has basic camera knowledge. Beginner info will not be covered as we are digging deeper into client workflow, styling, posing, lighting, editing, business workflow, SEO and more.

Serenity Rose Farm in Conroe, Texas, https://theserenityrose.com/ — one of the prettiest locations just outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, but close enough to make your journey to and from the airport easy. This will be our home-away-from-home for this rejuvenating and reviving Sprout retreat. 

The George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston is the closest airport to us. You can either rent a car or take a quick 25 minute Lyft ride to come our way.

Our Mission

Richard and I (Ashlee) are so thankful for the journey we’ve had in this industry through creating our art (categorized as props), traveling the country to participate in conventions, workshops or to shoot our own clients. We have found that where you prime the ground, plant small seeds and water it consistently, beautiful sprouts grow. This is where “Sprout” came from - our own journey. We believe that by hosting these events, bringing people together, we can help others sprout as well. Our goal is to help our community, through these retreats, to tap into life’s limitless possibilities. That the people within it will only find the best versions of themselves; taking that away from these experiences with us.

Learn from the best in the industry and take a breather from your day to day...

Along a back road in the town of Conroe, Texas, alongside Lake Conroe, you can find Serenity Rose Farm - a picturesque 25 acre estate boasting cozy lodging, beautiful grounds, and THE SPROUT RETREAT October 2021. Serenity Rose Farm and all its quiet grandeur is the perfect backdrop to hearten and refine as we welcome an intimate group for an inspired personal learning experience. During our time together, we will dive deep into all aspects of newborn and family photography as well as find the spark to sprout and grow to the next level. become a part of the Sprout Family as we embark on this intimate, nourishing, inspired time together.

✨ Small classes for up close and personal training.

✨ In-person learning with playback option and support for the month following the retreat — from only the best educators in the photography industry.

✨ Private locations for ultimate relaxation, solitude, better focus,
... and so much more!


Learning can be so much more!

Learn the most cutting edge and irrefutable photography knowledge, the safest techniques for newborn handling, ultimate client and session workflows, all the in's and out's of business,marketing, SEO and so much more all while having the time of your life with your peers AND educators!